Our Services

Freight Forwarding

Whether you are selling EXW, FOB, or DAP, RSB LOGISTICS is your competent freight forwarder, covering all steps from vendor liaison to arranging collection and booking cargo space with qualified carriers, all the way to delivery at the final destination.

Nuclear Transport

The transport of nuclear cargo for the front-end-fuel cycle requires a deep understating of local and international requirements, regulations, as knowledge of relevant institutions and bodies. RSB LOGISTIC is a diligent partner in planning every step of the way, offering expertise and experience with a team of industry specialists.

International Logistics

Nuclear cargo for the front-end-fuel-cycle is being shipped worldwide. RSB LOGISTIC has the capability to plan and execute transport across borders, by air, sea, road, or rail, combining multiple means of transport while observing all critical transport requirements.

Logistics Consulting

RSB LOGISTIC is your partner in preparing your next nuclear cargo shipment, whether from new and remote sources of supply, to potential new destinations, or on familiar ground. Our team studies the requirement and establishes the modus operandi for a reliable, safe, and secure supply chain.

Maritime Services

RSB LOGISTICS offers dedicated shipping solutions, whether arranging single voyage charters with project carriers or employing tonnage long term for servicing specific trade lanes.

On the North Atlantic, Compass Shipping owned motor vessel ‘CLI PRIDE’ operates on a pendulum service between Canada and Europe since 2018, offering a reliable, safe, and secure solution to critical shipments between suppliers and fabricators. MV ‘CLI PRIDE’ is equipped to carry hazardous goods, containers, project cargoes, break bulk and bulk cargos.

Quality Management

RSB LOGISTIC is leading supplier in the area of nuclear transportation, storage and other services.
We are committed to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our policy  of practicing and further developing our quality program provides a systematic method of achieving continuous improvement.

RSB LOGISTIC attributes their success to:

  • Highly qualified employees
  • Highest safety standards with international certification
  • Long-term experience in the transportation of radioactive sources and a variety of other dangerous goods
  • Service provider at the front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle for more than 40 years
  • Provision of transport permits, package validations and insurance coverage
  • Safe transport of highly sensitive commodities