A member of Compass Logistics International AG

Safe Environment

Over the road, through the air, or across the ocean, RSB LOGISTIC provides a complete array of freight and logistic services. With an excellent reputation, RSB helps the world’s leading companies get their products to their destination with “safety and efficiency”.


RSB LOGISTIC INC. is committed to the safe transportation of all our customers’ commodities - 100% of the time. We utilize many systems and procedures to ensure freight security, whether it is general freight or hazardous materials.

Our entire fleet is satellite equipped and in constant communication with our office personnel. This allows RSB Logistic Inc. to monitor all shipments including high profile loads. We are certified members of CTPAT, PIP, FAST, and ICMI.RSB Logistic Inc. utilizes stringent pre-employment testing and extensive training to ensure all personnel are properly orientated for their selected positions. We also utilize ongoing training to keep personnel up to date on latest events and programs in the transportation industry in order to maintain a high standard of service. We are especially committed to “Transportation Dangerous Goods” training and “Threat Awareness” training.

RSB Logistic Inc. utilizes only late model equipment. We continually explore safer and more efficient systems, such as disc brakes, panic buttons, satellite fencing and electronic logs. We also incorporate route controls and check sheets for high profile freight.

RSB Logistic Inc. has a complete OHSC (Occupational Health and Safety Committee) that governs safe practices throughout the company for both office staff and drivers.

Our Canadian and US yards are completely fenced and monitored 24/7 with security cameras. The Canadian office has swipe card entry for added security of its business operations and documentation.

RSB has an Emergency Recovery Plan in place which will ensure continued and uninterrupted service to all of our customers. We also have customer specific Emergency Response Plans in place for all high profile loads.