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Worldwide Logistic Leader!

RSB Logistic continually develops safe and reliable logistic solutions for our customers. We provide transportation and storage of all commodities specializing in hazardous materials including nuclear.


Welcome about rsb logistic.

RSB LOGISTIC INC. is the North American subsidiary of RSB LOGISTIC Projektspedition GmbH, (previously RSB LOGISTIC GmbH) located in Koln, Germany. The Kieserling Group of Germany acquired RSB LOGISTIC... more

Over 30 Years of Experience.

RSB specializes in the transportation of all hazardous materials including nuclear fuel cycle materials, radioactive isotopes and cyanide.

RSB has several experts on staff with many years of experience in... more

wide variety of Services.

With three fleets at our disposal we can handle your Canadian domestic, USA domestic, or Transborder shipments, whether you require van or flat deck. We are experienced in hazardous materials transport and offer special equipment.... more